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The Gambia is in West Africa and is one of the smallest and most populated countries, on the African continent. It is situated on the west coast and driven its name from the River Gambia. The population is above 1.5 million. There are several ethnic group including Mandika, Wollof, Jola, Serreas, Manjako, Fulla and Serahula, Its one of the world’s poorest country.
Schooling is not compulsory in the Gambia, but education is for all (EFA).the Gambian children are keen to learn. Education has to be paid for children in upper grades. Nursery school is required to pay a token amount to enable Nursery and volunteer teachers to keep up momentum. Well, children in Basic circle and higher school have to pay school fees, Books and other materials are paid for. The Gambia is full of interesting and vital features. Although not as rich as other countries in terms of mineral resources but the inhabitants are very peaceful and friendly.
           The Gambia is divided into two side i.e. the south and North Bank. The north bank witness a long term slave trade in the 1700’s when the Gambia came under the British colonial rule. It was annexed from the French and closed to the Senegal under the French domination. The Gambia is engulfed by the Senegal Region both North and South. The South by the Cassamance Region


Essau Community Nursery was founded in September 1996, with the aim of providing early childhood education for the children in the community and the surrounding villages. As the school has the objective that every child has the right to be protected, education, care for a healthy environment. The guiding principle of the school is to foster what is the best interest of the child. The school is also operating a deaf class for the deaf children and youth to also have access to education.
Currently the school has grown to a normal roll of 210 children in between the ages 3 to 8 years. There are 92 boys and 118 girls and 13 staff.
Essau, The Gambia

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