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Essau Community Nursery was founded in September 1996, with the aim of providing early childhood education for the children in the community and the surrounding villages. As the school has the objective that every child has the right to be protected, education, care for a healthy environment. The guiding principle of the school is to foster what is the best interest of the child. The school is also operating a deaf class for the deaf children and youth to also have access to education
Currently the school has grown to a normal roll of 210 children in between the ages 3 to 8 years. There are 92 boys and 118 girls and 13 staff.
The school is being registered with the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education with a registration number: S421/1200/01(2) dated 10th December 2012.
There are three committee members from the village whose role is to assist the school and give advice within their respective area. The committees comprise
  • Parents teachers committees;
  • Mother’s club;
  • Task force committees.

- To develop cognitive thinking and to appreciate the formal education at an early age
and to provide equal opportunity for all children;
- To give optimum support on environment to be care for and also monitor their activities;
- To exchange information with other organization and institution engaged upon activities of similar nature;
- We invite volunteering (short/ long term) with people who would like to spend some of their time in our school in order to help the children and youth.
- To reinforce the vital role of early childhood educators within the school by enrolling them at the Gambia College and also organizing courses of instruction which would be stimulate their professional growth and development.
- To rally behind the government, non governmental, international agencies, organization and donors/sponsors.
- To complement government effort in the development of early childhood development with a particular focus on quality, relevance and access to the child.
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