Essau Community Nursery School

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The Essau Community Nursery School system needs help to support it feeding program. This special activities is there to encourage the children to be regular at school as some of the student are encourage if there is food at the school. It has also come to our notice most of the children come to school without food and has effect on the concentration of the child in class. The feeding program shall serve as an encouragement for both the parent and the child to be attending school. This shall also reduce the cost of feeding for the family when their children are being enrolled.
Schooling is not compulsory in the Gambia, but education is for all (EFA).the Gambian children are keen to learn. Education has to be paid for children in upper grades. Nursery school is required to pay a token amount to enable Nursery and volunteer teachers to keep up momentum. The Gambia is full of interesting and vital features. Although not as rich as other countries in terms of mineral resources but the inhabitants are very peaceful and friendly.
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